Forest Flying Creekside Camp – Finch Hatton, QLD

I worked on my car for almost 2 weeks straight, swapping the tray back to a tub, putting a tub rack on just to mount my new 23Zero roof top tent and utilising what I could out of the tray so I didn’t have to spend anymore money then I had to. I wanted my Hilux set up for camping again as soon as possible – I was already having withdrawals from not camping after not heading out for 3 weeks.

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Mackay Highlands Great Walk, Eungella – Broken River – Crediton Hall

Earlier in the year, my 8 year old son had been pesting me to take him hiking. So I found a local walk at Eungella which is a quaint little town in the Mackay Highlands. There is 4 sections to the Mackay Highlands Great Walk. Eungella to Broken River, Broken River to Crediton Hall, Crediton Hall to Denham Range & Denham Range to Moonlight Dam. Off memory it’s about 56km in total. The 2 parts we would be doing are the shorter parts of the walk, and we undertook them at 2 different times. The first section we did in January & the second section we did in May for Mother’s Day.

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Thorsborne Trail, Day 3 & 4 – Zoe Bay – Mulligan Falls – Mulligan Bay

I woke up just on sunrise again after a fairly sleepless uncomfortable night, hoping there would be a break in the weather today. It was looking a little bit promising. My feet ached so badly and were still feeling damp & wrinkled from my wet shoes, rain & water crossings from the previous 2 days. Even my thick dry bed socks I’d worn to bed hadn’t managed to suck the wet out of my spongey feet. Continue reading “Thorsborne Trail, Day 3 & 4 – Zoe Bay – Mulligan Falls – Mulligan Bay”

Thorsborne Trail – Day 2, Little Ramsay Bay – Zoe Bay

We were at the mercy of Mother Nature. I awoke to more light drizzling rain but by the looks of the horizon over the grey ocean, there may be some hope for sunshine today. I made my way down the beach to the dead tree I’d strung my shower from, wet sand clinging to the back of my legs that was flicking up from my thongs, to pack up my Sea To Summit Pocket Shower. It had offered a pathetic attempt at a shower to wash away the stickiness from the previous days hike. Pathetic not because the shower was a bad bit of gear, just the opposite actually, but because the air was so humid the quick wash off didn’t offer any sort of relief. We had hoped for a swim in the freshwater creek beside our camp once we arrived at Little Ramsay Bay, however that was not to be – there was barely enough water in the creek to even drink, just a puddle left with a few little fish & the water smelt like fish too. Continue reading “Thorsborne Trail – Day 2, Little Ramsay Bay – Zoe Bay”

Thorsborne Trail – Day 1 Ramsay Bay – Little Ramsay Bay

The Thorsborne Trail through the eyes of an amateur hiker

The couple of days prior to the hike had my stomach full of butterflies with anxiety & excitement. I was unpacking and repacking my bag, checking & rechecking my list to ensure I hadn’t forgotten anything. Wearing my bag around to see how it was going to feel, what I’d need to rearrange in there so it didn’t feel too top or bottom heavy. At the last minute I decided to line my bag with a thick green garden tidy bag I’d purchased in a pack from Coles as my ‘dry bag’ into which went all my clothes and sleeping bag, I then rolled the top down and everything that didn’t matter if it got wet, got packed on top. The weather forecast had changed umpteen times over the last week to rain, sunshine, cloudy, storms, back to cloudy. I really had no idea what the weather was going to be like and as I didn’t have a pack cover, nor could I afford one with all the last minute purchases, a garbage bag would have to suffice. My backpack, an Osprey Aura AG 65, I had read was fairly waterproof anyway, but the last thing I wanted was wet bedding and clothing if the weather got bad. Continue reading “Thorsborne Trail – Day 1 Ramsay Bay – Little Ramsay Bay”